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MS Dhoni has been appointed the mentor of the Indian cricket team for the ICC T20 World Cup later this year and many former cricketers have welcomed the news with delight. Though, many experts have also expressed their concern whether this mentorship would bring clashes between Dhoni and Ravi Shastri regarding tactics and team selection.

India has announced their T20 World Cup squad and there are a few surprises but no surprise has been bigger than the addition of legendary batsman, MS Dhoni as a mentor. Dhoni is one of the most successful captains that the Indian team has ever got. Under Dhoni’s leadership, India won the ICC World Cup 2011 and T20 World Cup 2007. India surely is going to get benefitted from this addition. 


Sunil Gavaskar talked about this addition quite happily and quoted his example when he was appointed a consultant for the Indian team in 2004. He said that John Wright, then Head Coach was a bit nervous about him being appointed a consultant because he thought that Gavaskar would be interested in his post. But Gavaskar said that Shastri and Dhoni have a clearer equation. Shastri is well aware that Dhoni is not at all interested in coaching the team. Great things are in store for India, in Gavaskar’s opinion, if this partnership goes well. 

There might be a few clashes due to the choice of players and tactics but if the duo could overcome these then the team would be highly benefitted. Dhoni has always been a destructive player; he knows the team and its dynamics; has a lot of experience and it all adds up to a great mentor.

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