India has potential to dominate world cricket like great teams of past eras : Ian Chappell

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Ian Chappell , former batting great of Australia , veteran commentator and cricinfo columnist has been greatly impressed by the rise of Indian cricket and embarrassment of riches that the Indian team have in their reserve bench .

Chappell said that the new cricketers in the reserve bench of India are as good to play in XI .

Chappell stated that these days all teams are going abroad and losing in overseas but India has reversed the trend in recent times and cannot be taken lightly by any home team .

Chappell feels that current Indian team with so much riches in reserve bench has the potential to rule the cricket world like the past great sides of previous eras ie West Indies in 1980s and Australia in 1990-2000s .

For this rise of Indian cricket , Ian Chappell has also credited two past captains MS Dhoni , who came from a small town and gave the belief to cricketers coming from lesser known areas , and Sourav Ganguly , who taught the Indian players to look at strong opponents eye to eye and not back away .

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