Imran Says Pakistan team would Become “World Beaters”, admits that India Is “a top team In The World”

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There is no denying the fact that Indian Cricket team is one of the strongest teams in the world and it is really tough to compete against Virat Kohli led squad. This is something that every legendary cricketer has accepted in the world including the former captain of Pakistan cricket team and current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Despite, the fact that both the countries are at odds with each other on every important and unimportant issue, Imran couldn’t stop himself from praising the Indian team.

The cricketer in Imran Khan thinks that India is becoming the top team in the world and the reason for that is the improving basic structure of cricket. He did not give credit to the hard work or dedication of players but to the productive cricket structure. He also compared Indian team to team Pakistan saying that Pakistan team has always been a good team but couldn’t gain the same success at international level because of non-productive structure.


Supporting the home team, Imran claimed that they “have more talent” but grudgingly had to admit that India is on its way to become “a top team in the world”. Imran said, “Look at India today, they are becoming a top team in the world because they improved their structure although we have more talent.” He also said that it would take time “for a structure to work and polish talent” and the Pakistan team has what it takes to become the world’s best. He said that there is no doubt about the fact that Pakistan “will become world beaters”.


The Prime Minister feels that the provincial cricket structure that the country has in place right now would prove to be effective enough to give positive results. And those results would be visible in 2-3 years.  Imran holds the office of patron-in-chief of Pakistan Cricket Board and has the responsibility of nominating the chairman. He says that he hadn’t been able to pay enough attention to the cricket and had missed many matches. But he is confident that the change in the structure of national cricket would help improve things gradually.

 Imran is the captain who had led the country to 1992 World Cup win and is highly revered for that in Pakistan. He was the one to bring Ehsan Mani, the former ICC President. This change had led to overhauling of basic cricket structure in Pakistan and the country seems to be on its way to progress.

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