ICC lebels Ahmedabad pink ball test pitch as ” Average”

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After months of speculation ICC has finally announced its verdict on the Ahmedabad pink ball test pitch.  The 3rd test between India and England ended in just five sessions ie within 2 days . India won by 10 wickets chasing down a below fifty target . The verdict in media circles were divided on the quality of the pitch and their was a significant number of former Indian cricketers who criticised the pitch like Vengsarkar  , Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh .  Hence all eyes were on ICC on how they judge this pitch.

The verdict announced on the Ahmedabad pitch is ” Average” . Thus the pitch has escaped the below average rating and demerit points  by just one step. Probably the fact that pink ball was doing much  more than a red ball due to more lacquer on its surface  was kept in consideration by ICC while announcing this verdict .

The verdict arrived as a good news for Ahmedabad centre which reconstructed the Motera stadium into the biggest and one of the best in the world . However this verdict should keep the organisers on guard so that better pitch are prepared for tests in future.  As it turned out the 4th test was played on a pitch on the same venue  which was considered as a decent one by the experts .

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