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I did not fear Sachin as he didn’t hurt me like Sehwag: Muralitharan 

Muttiah Muralitharan, the Sri Lankan off-spin legend had a riveting conversation with Akash Chopra on the great batsmen he encountered while bowling in his career. In his interview, he rated Brian Lara as the best player of spin followed by Virender Sehwag. 

About Lara, Murali said that he used to change his stance to meet the different deliveries hurled at him,  he used to milk the better bowlers and waited for the loose bowlers to bowl and used to pick the doosra well.

I did not fear Sachin as he didn't hurt me like Sehwag: Muralitharan 
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About Sehwag, Murali said that he had to take a defensive approach. Kept deep fielders as Sehwag was always going to take a chance. He used to pick doosra maybe 50% of times but played with a total aggressive mindset and never bothered missing  100s. Murali added that Sehwag’s approach was to score 150 in 2 hours and 300 in a day.

I did not fear Sachin as he didn’t hurt me like Sehwag: Muralitharan. Murali also told a story on Sehwag when he was batting at Mumbai closing in on a 300 with the end of day approaching and Dravid advised him to get 300 next day. However, Sehwag got out on 293 trying to take a single and was caught and bowled the next day. Later Sehwag told Murali that he should not have listened to Dravid. 

As for Tendulkar, Murali said that he was of course a great player. And would read his doosra but maybe had slight weakness against off-spin though he used to smash leggies. Murali also said that he did not fear Tendulkar as he did not hurt him like Sehwag did. 

Murali felt that Lara, Sachin, Laxman, Dhoni, Mahela, Sangakkara, Aravinda, Attapattu used to pick his doosra well while Dravid and Dilshan struggled.


Amongst current players Murali thought Virat Kohli played spin well and played him in the past , would have handled him.

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