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Have these 5 Indian cricketers played their last white ball game?

India in recent years has generated lots of talents in shorter formats thanks to the IPL. The new generation cricketers are full of positive intent and fearless with the will to win at all costs and that reflected in the recent white-ball series against England where a few of the debutants like Ishan Kishan & Suryakumar Yadav showed their class and talent straightaway in international cricket in their first opportunities. What this has done is that it has jeopardised the white ball careers of some leading cricketers who even two to four years ago were automatic selections. Have these 5 Indian cricketers played their last white ball game?

The white ball international careers of below five cricketers seem to be done and dusted.

Dinesh Karthik :

A fabulous cricketer in shorter versions, Dinesh Karthik with his keeping skills and his ability to improvise while playing in slog overs is a valuable component in T20Is & ODIs. His match-winning cameo vs Bangladesh in the finals of the 2018 Nidahas trophy is one for the ages. However, he is out of favour since the 2019 ODI world cup in which he did not perform well. His disappointing run in recent IPLs and the influx of some new talent means his India career is virtually over.

Have these 5 Indian cricketers played their last white ball game?
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Ishant Sharma :

He is still a big part of test cricket. However, his inconsistency in white-ball cricket and less than energetic fielding as well as some disappointing IPL stints has hindered his progress in white-ball formats. Also, the rise of new fast bowling talents in shorter versions has effectively ended his Indian white-ball career.

Ajinkya Rahane :

Ajinkya is still a major force in test cricket and was still very much a part of India’s ODI plans till 2017. However, a dip in form and striking power in short formats along with struggles in recent IPLs and the rise of many new batting talents have effectively ended his Indian career in ODIs and T20Is.


Kedar Jadav :

Kedar with his unconventional batting looked an appropriate player for shorter formats since 2016 -17. However, he could not sustain his form and fitness for long and was inconsistent. With a deluge of new short format batting talents coming through he started to fall by the wayside and does not fit in the scheme of things anymore.

Ravi Ashwin :

Ashwin is a legend in test cricket and should be at the top for another 3 years at least. However, his poor performance in the 2017 champions trophy has proved very costly for him. With the emergence of young spinners Yazuvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav, Ashwin was no longer considered for shorter formats though he still possesses plenty of skills which is still evident in IPLs. Another big issue against Ashwin is his slow fielding which is still acting against any possible white ball comebacks.

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