Generous contributions coming from cricketers and IPL as India reels under the 2nd covid wave.

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Generous contributions coming from cricketers

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India continues to reel under severe 2nd covid wave with new cases over 3.5 lacs registered each day and number of deaths going up to 3000 plus daily. The debate has already started whether a cash-rich event such as IPL should be played during these tough times when hospital beds and oxygen supplies are getting in short supplies to meet the deluge of fresh covid cases.

The argument put forward in favour of IPL is that the Indian citizens will have some form of entertainment to fall back on to get their minds off from the huge crisis and also that the proceeds from the IPL provide a big income for the Indian government by way of taxes. Generous contributions coming from cricketers and IPL as India reels under the 2nd covid wave.

Debates aside, it is heartwarming to note that the IPL and the cricket fraternity has started contributing heavily to meet the needs of the various hospitals in shortage of beds and oxygen supplies.

Australian and KKR ace speedster, Pat Cummins started off by contributing $50000 to PM Cares fund followed by former Australian fast bowler and commentator in IPL, Brett Lee, who has contributed bitcoins of Rs 43 lacs value.

Generous contributions coming from cricketers
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Sunrisers reserve wicketkeeper-batsman Sreevats Goswami (pic above) has contributed 90k for oxygen supplies.

IPL franchisees Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals have also contributed to stem the surge of the covid virus. Rajasthan Royals contributed 7.5 crores towards Covid Relief to help with immediate support to people in India impacted by the surge of the Covid-19 virus.

Delhi Capitals have contributed Rs 1.5 crores to NCR based NGOs for covid relief.

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar, himself being a recent covid victim, has contributed Rs 1 crores to ” Mission Oxygen ” to procure more oxygen concentrators.

Sehwag Foundation is providing covid relief by distributing home-cooked food and also in the process of procurement of oxygen concentrators.

The Grade cricketer, an Australian based popular YouTube channel on cricket and currently covering the IPL matches in their daily youtube programmes being run by cricket journalists Ian Higgins and Sam Perry has also generously contributed $ 5000 for covid relief

As the covid wave continues to ravage India, we expect more contributions to come from the cricket fraternity and the IPL.

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