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Gavaskar reveals why he did not become Indian coach

Former Indian legend and one of the greatest opening batsmen across eras Sunil Gavaskar has never coached India unlike many of his contemporaries like Bedi , Wadekar , Gaekwad , Kapil, Sandeep Patil to name a few. With his accurate knowledge of the game and shrewd views. He could have become one of the greatest Indian coaches but instead chose to be in the commentary world and write as a columnist.

In a recent chat, Sunny spelt out the exact reason for not coaching India. He said that during his playing days he was never a ball by ball watcher of the game. While in the dressing room and often rested by either taking a nap, reading books or replying to fan letters. Only intermittently he would sit up and watch the game unlike his contemporaries like Viswanath who used to watch every ball sitting in the dressing room.

Gavaskar reveals why he did not become Indian coach
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Gavaskar reveals why he did not become Indian coach, says that current cricketers never approach him for tips. Sunny added that as a coach one needs to be focused. Watching the game all the time and not take long breaks away from the game. Hence he said that he never even thought about coaching.

The closest Gavaskar reached to a coaching role was in the 2004 series vs Australia. When he was asked by BCCI to be the batting consultant for a brief period which he carried out during that particular series.


Gavaskar also admitted that current cricketers do not approach him for tips or suggestions unlike. The previous bunch of Sachin- Dravid and co who were very proactive and never hesitant to approach him. Whenever they felt important to discuss any technicalities of the game.

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