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Gavaskar mentions the name of bowlers he was worried to face

Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar has been one of the best players during his generation and even across eras. Cricket fans who were in their teens during Gavaskar’s playing days remember his unflinching concentration and his impregnable defence. During his time, the Indian batting order was often very brittle particularly in the fast half of his career. Which forced him to curb his strokeplay and play the holding game. He also showed many indications of his stroke playing capacity in the latter half of his career.

Sunny was recently asked about the bowlers he found difficult to face. The first-ever player to reach 10000 runs in test cricket and played without any helmet against some of the most fearsome fast bowlers in 1970-the 80s mentioned the name of the two bowlers he feared most in terms of pace and quality of bowling.

Gavaskar mentions the name of bowlers he was worried to face
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Gavaskar mentions the name of bowlers he was worried to face. In terms of pace, he mentioned about Jeff Thomson who was the fastest he face. ( Sunny played against him in 1977-78 series) However, in terms of quality, he thinks that Andy Roberts was the finest with Malcolm Marshall. Richard Hadlee and Imran Khan slightly below. He mentioned that Roberts is the one who needs to be watch the most. As he had the ability to get people out even if the batsman has reached a 100.


Sunny was also ask about the greatest batsman during his time. He unhesitatingly mentioned the name of Viv Richards who he said could easily dominate an attack and take the game away.

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