Gambhir urges ICC to change few ODI rules to reduce batsman friendly contests

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With ODI cricket getting more and more heavier scoring matches, former Indian opener Gautam Gambhit has urged the ICC to change certain rules in favour of fielding sides to reduce the ODIs from getting heavily loaded in favour of batsmen

Gambhir said that ICC needs to scrap the 2 new balls rule to enable bowlers to get more reverse swing and allow more than one bouncer per over.

Regarding field restrictions Gambhir wants ICC to relook the current scenario of having only 2 fielders in outer circle from overs 1 to 10 , 4 fielders in outer circle from overs 11 to 40 and 5 fielders in outer circle in last 10 overs

“The rules of the game seem so lopsided in favour of batsmen that bowlers seem redundant, ‘also rans’. @ICC urgently needs to relook at the circle rule, two new balls and bouncer restrictions. Otherwise, bowlers will be reduced to programmed bowling machines @bcci,” Gambhir tweeted to ICC and the BCCI.

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