Gambhir amazed at KL Rahul’s scoring trend during his failures

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Gambhir amazed at KL Rahul

Gautam Gambhir has expressed his surprise as well as disappointment on KL Rahul’s  scoring patterns specially when he is going through a rough patch.  Gambhir mentioned that it’s a case of two extremes for Rahul  as when he is batting well he produces a string of great scores but when he has hit a rough patch nothing comes of of him.  Gambhir amazed at KL Rahul and he added that during rough patches even Rohit and Virat comes up with their odd contributions but Rahul totally switches off during his rough patches.

Gambhir amazed at KL Rahul

“It surprises me, when I look at KL Rahul. They are two completely different extremes. When he’s on a roll, he can give you back-to-back hundreds irrespective of T20 format or the 50-over format. But when he just completely looks out of it, there is nothing in the middle.

“Even if Virat and Rohit are out of form, they will keep contributing. But when you see KL Rahul, either it’s everything or nothing. That is not what international cricket is all about because You will not always get big scores, you will not always have those big hundreds or a 70 or an 80 in T20 but there needs to be some contribution,”  Gambhir said 

“I’m not talking about this series. That has been the template. Even when he got dropped from the Test side, that was exactly the template. Suddenly he will get a hundred and then suddenly there will be nothing after that. Even in the 50-over cricket, when he opened the batting, there was either a hundred or nothing.

“Then he was pushed into performing the dual role of being a wicketkeeper and a middle-order batsman where there’s much less pressure. But in T20 format, he looks completely out of form. I don’t like talking too much about form because T20 cricket can be very difficult for a batsman. Looking at these three deliveries, he has been beaten. Not that he played a bad shot,” Gambhir added. 

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