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Former Indian batting star questions justification for a mentor in a team already doing well  

As we know, while the team India world cup T20I squad was announced, another announcement caused bigger headlines. It was the announcement of MS Dhoni as the mentor during the T20I World cup campaign.

There were lots of discussions which followed within the Indian cricket fraternity about this new role of Dhoni. How it will affect the role of the head coach. Also, will there be clashes in responsibilities and what will be the demarcation of respective roles? 

Former Indian batting star Ajay Jadeja was a bit surprised at this appointment of Dhoni.  He said the while Dhoni was the leader, he made the next captain ready to take over. That the next captain ( Virat Kohli) has taken the team to a different level along with a head coach ( Ravi Shastri). Who made the team number one in the world.  Jadeja asked that now since the team is already doing great. What has happened overnight to get a mentor in the team? 

image credits crictracker, featured image credits sanbad english

Jadeja further added that it is impossible for him to understand this appointment. It is almost like sending Ravindra Jadeja to bat ahead of Rahane with the latter left thinking why this has been done? 

Jadeja feels that India has done well under Kohli and Shastri. Hence a mentor was not required for the T20I world cup.


“The Indian cricket I am seeing is working in a different way. Dhoni used to run it one way, he used to play the spinners, he never used to play four fast bowlers. What happened for Indian cricket in England was the doing of four pacers. One person thinks one way, the other thinks some other way, probably it is an attempt to merge the two,”  Jadeja finally said.

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