Former India wicketkeeper Deep Dasgupta feels that Team India is ready for the World even if it were to be held tomorrow

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Cricket World Cup 2023 is scheduled to take place on Indian soil and India is already being predicted to be the team that lifts the 2023 World Cup trophy. India last won the 2011 World Cup and this year the country and the team are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the win. This celebration has made the expectations of the next victory even more dominant in the minds of the fans and cricket experts. World Cup would return to India after 12 years of their previous win if the team proves itself victorious in the 2023 World Cup battle. 

The most awaited cricket event is still 2 years away but the countdown has begun and so has the prediction of India being No. 1 in the 2023 World Cup. Former India wicketkeeper Deep Dasgupta recently stated that India presents the strongest front and if the World Cup tournament were to take place tomorrow, team India would be one of the favorites to win the cup.

India has the match-winning cricketers

Recently in an interview, Dasgupta said that India is in a very good position, especially, as far as ODIs are concerned. The team is full of youngsters and they have proved themselves over and over again. Incumbent people are being pushed, according to Deep Dasgupta. He also mentioned players like Shikhar Dhawan, Padikkal, and Shaw who scored great runs in Vijay Hazare Trophy. The team already has Mayank Agarwal, KL Rahul who provide each other healthy competition.

India has done great in the past


World Cup is not until November 2023 which gives the team a lot of time to prepare for the big event but even if the World Cup would take place tomorrow, as per the wicketkeeper, India would be one of the favorites to win.

 India was going strong in the 2015 World Cup too before it lost to Australia in the semi-final by 95 runs. 2019 also saw a string team India under the captaincy of Virat Kohli. The team had topped the group table but got eliminated due to defeat against New Zealand.

India needs to play its own game

India was busy in an ODI series against England and it was a run-fest. England presents a fearless approach in batting and many believed that India should follow in its footsteps but according to Deep Dasgupta, “India are doing just fine following their own methods”. Dasgupta also feels that India should keep playing the way they know the best. England plays the way they do because of the resources that they have but India “don’t necessarily have to follow that”. 

Dasgupta has complete faith in the kind of players the team has. Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli are the players who can alter a match. They have a strike rate of 80 but by the time they play 30-40 balls, the strike rate reaches 120. Thus, India will win if they play their own game.

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