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Foreign cricketers show interest in Indian cricket to increase social media followers: Gavaskar 

Whether we like it or not, in current generation cricket, social media has started to play a huge role.  Cricketers have their social media handles and they are followed by millions of fans on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram platforms.

India is one of the leading countries in terms of its huge population and hence the number of fans on social media for a particular popular cricketer is huge. And this area is also being tapped by the cricketers of foreign countries.

Indian cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar in one of his latest columns has bought to attention on the above aspect and said that the foreign cricket experts tend to follow Indian cricket very closely and want to give opinions on it. The opinions can be favourable or unfavourable too as in both ways they attract more followers from India. 

image credits india fantasy, featured image credit opindia

In this respect, Gavaskar mentioned about Michael Vaughan who is a very funny person and is always ready for a scrap. He knows fully well that the cricket followers of that particular player will come hard at him for his critical or instigating comments but that helps him to garner more followers. Sunny also said that many Pakistani former cricketers or experts using their YouTube channels covers Indian cricket for the same purpose —- to gain more views from Indian fans which are very easy to acquire.

Gavaskar also mentioned that social media has created fan rivalries amongst players. For example, fans of Virat Kohli will not want Rohit Sharma to perform well and vice versa. The same not only holds good for franchisee cricket but for Indian cricket also. It’s the same with Kohli v Dhoni rivalry amongst fans or earlier between Tendulkar v Dravid. This is an emotion that gets created due to diehard fan following in social media and it creates unhealthy situations.  

Indeed the fans in social media need to exercise more restraint in going after players in other camp as after all, they are team India players playing for the same cause at the international level.

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