“Felt like watching a computer game”: Broad on Stokes innings in 2nd ODI

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Felt like watching a computer game: Ben Stokes astonishing innings in 2nd ODI left all cricket fans and experts in awe . After the loss of first wicket at 110, Stokes stepped in and simply decimated the Indian bowling to score 99 off 52 balls . England’s longer format fast bowler Stuart Broad was in awe of Stokes hitting prowess as he mentioned about watching a computer game or a highlights package as at one point every ball was going into the stands .

Felt like watching a computer game

“It was astonishing, wasn’t it? It was great entertainment, brilliant skill, amazing power. I felt like I was watching a computer game, almost replays. I was like what… another one? Another one? And they weren’t just clearing ropes,” Broad said on Sky Sports.

Stokes and Bairstow combined to take England to a mighty 6 wicket win with 39 balls to spare and level the series.

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