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Father knocks over son in a charity cricket match 

Cricket, which even 10 years ago was played in a selected few countries, has started to spread its wings far and wide, especially after T20 cricket arrived. With numerous T20 leagues all round it has become a good earning tool for an individual having reasonable cricket talents or any individual developing some amount of skills in this game.  It is now a great game to watch with batsmen hitting long sixes or striking classy boundaries, bowlers using the swing beautifully both ways or firing in brutal Yorkers and fielders flinging himself to stop boundaries or taking spectacular catches.

Charity matches have also been a part of cricket and they never stop to entertain either. Though it lacks a bit of competitive edge, the players especially the batters are able to execute their shots freely as there is no chance for criticism if he gets out in these matches. 

However, once in a while, the bowlers also come to the party. As we have recently witnessed a duel between father and son, which can only happen in charity games.

Recently in a charity match,  a video clip of a dad stunning his son with a gem of delivery has gone viral.
The video got more than 3.5 lakh views with over 3.6k likes. During a local UK charity match, the father came face to face with his son. Usually, when a dad and son play against each other, entertainment is guarantee.

This  incident took place in the Spenser Wilson Sixes Tournament

Father knocks over son in a charity cricket match 

The father, Craig Fellows bowled a straightish delivery to his son Jack who tried to swing it towards his leg. Played across the line, missed it and was bowled and dad was cock a hoop.

The father  Craig celebrated by lifting his both hands high up in the air. After that, he turned towards the on-field umpire and pulled off a similar celebration while his son left the crease . 
Watch the video as under.

video credits 12th man


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