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The Push Academy Cricket League U-13 2021 (League Matches) between Delhi Capitals U-13 and Push B U-13 X1 was held in Amari Cricket Ground, Gurgaon. Push B U-13 X1 won the toss and opted to bat first.

Batting first, Push B U-13 X1 asked to bat first and though openers Veervardharn (0), Arjun Rana (0) went cheaply in the first over & Parv (01) continued his poor run. However, the spinners were getting a lot of grip from the surface which made it difficult for the subsequent batters to score and Push B U-13 X1 kept falling away. The team scored 34/9 in15.2 Overs only.

While Delhi Capitals U-13 scored 35/0 runs in just 2.4 overs. Vaidick Nagwanshi scored 19 runs in 14 balls and top scored in the match. Pranav Kumar took 4 wickets and Harshveer Singh took 3 wickets supported his team to win the match and was awarded as Player of the Match and best bowler.

  • Arjun Choudhary* scored 19 runs in 14 balls for team Delhi Capitals U-13 .
  • Best Bowler- Harshveer Singh took 3 wickets 
  • Player of the match – Pranav Kumar         
  • Best Batsman – Arjun Choudhary*

Top Performers 


Vaidick Nagwanshi*                        19 (14)

Advay Gupta*                                 10 (17)

Azimu Hak                                      08 (09)


Pranav Kumar                                   4 (8.0)  

Harshveer Singh                               3 (7.0)  

Grihith Gumber                                  1 (0.2)         

Brief Scores- 

PUSH B U-13 X1 – 34/9 (15.2 Ov)

Veervardharn (0), Arjun Rana (0), Parv (wk) (01), Atharv Luthra (c) (01), Ranveer Mata (02), Azimu Hak (08), Ayati Sadotra (0), Dhruvika Rao (0), Advay Gupta (10), Amitesh (04), Aayan Makkar (0).

DELHI CAPITALS U-13 – 35/0 (2.4 Ov)

Aahil (01), Vaidick Nagwanshi (19).

Delhi Capitals U-13 won by 10 wickets

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