Fakkar Zaman runout controversy: Did D Kock deceive the batsman ?

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Fakkar Zaman runout controversy

Fakkar Zaman played an incredible innings of 193 off 155 balls to singlehandedly take Pakistan very close to a sensational victory in the 2nd ODI vs South Africa before getting runout in controversial circumstances.

While taking the 2nd run in final over Fakkar saw D Kock excitedly pointing towards the non strikers end and therefore got distracted and looked back in split second to find out the well being of his batting partner. Those fatal loss of few microseconds were enough for the ball to arrive from the deep (Markram’s throw) and hit the stumps finding Fakkar short .

In 2017 there were some law amendments relating to fielder faking their actions to trick the batsmen where it states the penalty of 5 runs to be deducted from fielding side if umpires feel that the fielder has by his actions tried to bluff the batsman.

The law on fielders attempt to bluff the batsman in its exact words are as under :

Law 41.5.1: It’s unfair for any fielder wilfully to attempt, by word or action, to distract, deceive or obstruct either batsman after striker’s received the ball. If umpires deem an attempt to deceive has taken place, they inform captains & award 5 penalty runs to batting side.

Fakkar Zaman runout controversy

This it is clear that the umpires did not take any actions here and did not implement the above law although the footage suggests that D Kock deliberately tried to bluff Fakkar Zaman who was unfortunately runout after a heroic innings .

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