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After the epic final , there were a lot of emotional scenes all around specially near the CSK dugout . Even the normally unflappable MS Dhoni looked emotional after the sensational finish in favour of CSK after a difficult start to the season with injury issues in the squad .

 One thing about Dhoni has been very famous, he controls his emotions very well.  But, the thrill of the final of IPL 2023 was such that Dhoni’s emotion was seen to be unbridled for the first time on the field.


 For the first time on the field, Dhoni was sometimes seen in a happy, sometimes sad mood.  When 10 runs were to be scored in the last 2 balls, Dhoni was in tension.  When Jadeja recovered from that tension, the expression on Dhoni’s face changed.  There was happiness on his face now.  This happiness was of a champion, perhaps that’s why when he hugged Jadeja, lifted him in his lap, his eyes were moist.

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 When Dhoni met his support staff.  Met the rest of the players of the team even then his face was seen telling a different story.  He met the players of Gujarat Titans, even shook hands with the top officials of BCCI.  Dhoni was meeting everyone as if this was his last IPL.

 After meeting the team member, Dhoni reached his family.  Hugs wife Sakshi.  He hugged his daughter Jeeva.  During all this, Dhoni was seen getting a bit emotional.  After meeting his family, Dhoni also met the family of fellow players, spent time with them.

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 Pictures don’t lie and these crazy pictures of the final match are telling that something related to retirement is going on in Dhoni’s mind.  Now only Dhoni should know the real reality.

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