England would not have gone close in 4th T20I had Bumrah played : Mike Atherton

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Former England captain and now famous cricket expert , Mike Atherton was highly impressed with India ‘s performance in 4th ODI .   Speaking on the 4th T20I  Athertin felt that Indian bowlers showed great character to fight against all odds to extract a great win . It was clear from Shardul’s views after the match that dew was very heavy in the 4th game and therefore to work against the natural elements and come out with a win was a great job done. 

Atherton was impressed by India’s bowling depth and was confident that had Jasprit Bumrah played in the XI , England would not have gone so close to winning the 4th T20I  as it was impossible to get nearly 20 runs off his last over .

” And also, missing a key bowler there in Jasprit Bumrah. You can imagine that if he was playing there, don’t think England would have got close to sniffing a surprise win at the end when they found themselves needing 24 off the last over. So, it shows India’s strength… terrific game.”  Atherton said . 

Athers also felt the need to break the monotony of lefthander’s in the England lineup. He pointed out that as long as Bairstow and Stokes were batting , the bowling side was having it tough to contain the flow of runs in the middle overs but once Bairstow got out , it meant Morgan in next and suddenly there are two lefthanders which is easier to control for the bowling side  with one type of bowling , the off cutter by right arm bowler.

“I thought England’s chase showed both strengths and weaknesses. You had the 14th and 15th overs, when Bairstow and Stokes were in against two spinners sending it different ways – Sundar and Chahar. He (Kohli) ended up with the wrong bowler bowling at the wrong batsman but that’s the point about the left and right hander that even a single will swap it. So that’s a strength for England when they had a right and left hander,” Atherton said .

“But once the wicket fell, Bairstow got out then you’ve got three left handers and it was a point that we made after the second game that India won… with three left handers in the middle what is the most obvious slower ball to bowl to any right arm over bowler, it’s your off-cutter and if the pitch is holding it makes it effective.”  Atherton added.

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