Dhoni & Kohli – Stories heard through the Grape wine!

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They are known to be successful captains in the Indian cricket history but is there anything more to the plot? Are they friends or competitors or enemies? Let’s unfold the mystery!

Two names. Two skippers. Two rivals in the IPL matches. Apart from being the world’s top and best cricketers, they are more known for their personalities. Any word or even a small gesture from them is news. Power of celebrities, isn’t it? The successful and eminent duo of Bleed Blue Family – MS Dhoni & Virat Kohli has many achievements and prestigious honours in their kitty, yet they were always a point of debate or a discussion in all the online and television forums. Are they friends or foes? Well, the question might raise the brows of many but there are ample reasons behind to imply that there is more smoke to the fire.

One of the biggest reason behind this conspiracy is they are the prominent adversaries in the Indian Premier League History. People demand them to comment or remark about each other on every occasion. And yes, must admit they are absolutely on top of their jobs when it comes to blowing a mountain out of a molehill. There are a couple of scenarios which sparked enough controversies that led people to believe they are enemies.

The trivia is they project so much of their real characters in the field- Be it their attitude, or the way each of them treats their colleagues or the way they respond if they find mistakes. Though both are ghosts when it comes to chasing the runs, their reactions and outlook they portray concerning their personalities are a matter of irony. While Dhoni is always seen as a man of inspiration due to the way he handles the pressure cooker situations, Virat is said to be the aggressive one, in fact verbally aggressive. Let’s not forget the fact that Dhoni is undoubtedly a successful captain who made India lift as many trophies it can including the Historic win of World cup during 2011. This cannot be an assumption because cricket is not a movie to script in advance. (If you are thinking of match-fixing, yes it happens but a crime unlike the movie). Cricket works out for people who know to read the players and game thoroughly with a focused mind.

Let’s not get into their positions in the point table, because they are subjected to change any time in the future. But the million-dollar-question that constantly wavering around was Dhoni retirement and one incident added further salt in the injury. So, back in 2019 after one of the matches, Virat tweeted” It was a special night” with a picture of Dhoni and himself together. This was enough for the public to rant big on the social media that Dhoni was retiring soon.  Soon after the news fire, Virat clarified saying it was a casual picture and Dhoni’s retirement has got nothing to do with it. He also added that it was a lesson for him that he must be conscious in future with tweeting considering his stature and influence.

Any blind follower or fanatic would easily believe a tale of something with no base. Having watched many heated moments of Virat in multiple matches, one would conveniently conclude he is the selfish and arrogant brat who does not respect any player especially Dhoni. When Dhoni stepped down from the captainship, and Virat was announced as the skipper there were too many smokes fuming out in support of Dhoni which would have made Virat an easy victim for criticism.

The speculations of their animosity did not end just with tweets or matches. Another major twist contributing event was Indian Premier League where Dhoni is the skipper for Chennai Super Kings and Kohli for Royal Challengers Bangalore. CSK and RCB match are one of the crucial clashes in IPL, ever. Being skippers for rival teams, they were an evident prey to fall for any controversies that come in their way. They amplified the curiosity among the fans to watch them as competitors.

Not to be missed are the moments where they exchanged friendly hugs and handshakes demonstrating true sportsmanship. End of the day, it is all about realizing that the game is to play for the country and not to play for the crowd. Irrespective of how they performed the critics were ready with their interpretations. To be specific, Virat was too much scorned at for losing the matches and being in poor form with his team. It is to be noted that RCB has been playing IPL for 11 years and they haven’t won the trophy even once. They were always in the downfall in the points table.

In many interviews, Virat and Dhoni were seen openly standing up and supporting each other. When India lost the semifinals with New Zealand during World Cup 2019, he shut down the Dhoni critics royally. He took a strong stance that people lack patience and Dhoni does not deserve the hate that he gets when they lose even a single match. Virat always kept him as his guide and mentor. His birthday wishes for Dhoni had too much charm all over and was in all praise for the captain. Their friendship videos are always a viral hit among people, and they love to see their bond. These twinkling times reveal nothing but the love and respect Virat has for Dhoni and no one can resist admiring it.

Now that enough said on the partnership they share; people will hopefully realize that game always have two results– Victory and Defeat. The duo has always been the viewer’s delight and a role-model for many youngsters for their commitment and dedication towards work. There is absolutely no room for any rumours because they are already having a great inning in their personal lives too!

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