Deepak Hooda Walks Out Of The Team after Krunal Pandya allegedly, misbehave With Him

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Cricket is not only fun to watch on the field but a lot goes on behind the scenes too. This time it is not the international cricket drama which has caught everyone’s attention but the controversy that happened in the Indian national cricket. Deepak Hooda, an experienced player of Baroda has walked out of the tournament, reporting alleged “misbehaviour” on the captain’s part, i.e. Krunal Pandya.

BCA, Baroda Cricket Association has received a report from the manager of its senior team. This report states how Deepak Hooda who holds an important place in the team rushed out of the preparatory camp. Report also states that the player has left for Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy but his email, that he had sent before storming out doesn’t state this. Hooda has accused Krunal Pandya of “misbehaviour” in his complaint email. It is a pickle in the middle of National T20 tournament because of which several matches are taking place across the country.

Baroda Cricket Association does not want to replace Hooda and has confirmed this. The reason for no replacement is the bio-bubble which is mandatory preventive measure during the pandemic. The 22-member squad had been living in a bio-bubble since their arrival and Hooda’s sudden departure from the hotel has certainly raised sparks of various questions.

Hooda has clarified the reason of his departure in the email that he had sent to the cricket body. He said< “I am demoralized, depressed and under pressure.” He accused Krunal for using foul language and misbehaviour. He wrote in the complaint email, “As from last some days, my team captain Mr. Krunal Pandya is using abusing language to me in front of my teammates and also other state teams who have come for participation at Reliance Stadium Vadodara.”


Krunal did not stop here and also described the last incident which must have worked as the last trigger for him. He wrote, “Today I was practicing in nets and doing my preparation for tomorrow’s game with the permission of head coach, Mr. Prabhakar. Then Krunal came in nets and started misbehaving with me.” Pandya has not told his side of the story yet, neither he has defended himself. But this fiasco can heavily cost the team as Baroda has been placed in the Elite Group C along with Gujarat, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh.

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