David Warner played “just a loose shot”, said Mark Waugh

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Much awaited india vs australia test series is going on and how indian cricket fans are loving it, is no secret! australia seems to have buckled under the pressure of all the good game that the indian players have exhibiting on the field. first, australia lost to india in boxing day test match and it was a glorious victory for india. third test match between australia and india has started. in this match david warner has disappointed the fans this time. former australian batsman, mark waugh has openly criticized warner for his desperate shot and blatantly called it, “just a loose shot”.

  • It was the first day of third match in Australia vs India Test series and Warner had just made his grand entry into the field. All the fans had great expectation from the great player but Warner seemed to be under a lot pressure which is quite natural as his team had lost the previous match to the guest team. Sydney Cricket Ground witnessed Warner going back to the pavilion at 5 runs on Muhammad Siraj’s ball which was caught by CheteshwarPujara.
  • Warner, in the fourth over, tried to go for a drive but only the outside edge of the bat could touch the ball. It was a simple catch and Pujara did not lose this opportunity of sending the cricket back who could pose threat to their victory. First time in four years, Warner was sent to the pavilion for less than ten runs in a Test match where he was from the host team.
  • According to Waugh this shot was irresponsible and should not be played in the first 20 minutes of a Test match. In Waughs opinion, it was not the place to play drive. He said, “You’re driving on the up, it’s not there to drive and it’s wide as well”. In Waugh’s opinion, this shot was not only desperate but impossible too. He said that it would have taken “an almighty step” to get close to the delivery which Warner might have expected.
  • Though after this match Cricket Australia has also pitched in and told that Warner was not hundred percent fit to resume but they had rushed his comeback. Hussey said, “…it’s not the David Warner we are used to seeing. He certainly is not even close to 100 percent fit”. He also said that it was “not a great sign”. The match had to be brought to its halt earlier than the usual time due to rain but Australia must be strategizing for a better play off.

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