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David Warner & Dani Wills gives insights into Steve Smith mannerisms

Steve Smith, arguably the finest contemporary batsman in test cricket is known for his weird mannerisms with respect to his batting. A fidgety character, he always needs to have everything spot on to function at his best. His ways of tucking at his pads before each ball. His style of leaving deliveries outside off, and his refusal of a run when batting at the strikers end leaves fans in awe and even disbelief. It s an experience in itself to watch Steve Smith especially if he is playing a long innings.

David Warner, back in Australia after IPL in a recent interview. Has thrown some light to Smith’s mannerisms at midnight hours. He said that if Smith is staying above your hotel room, the individual lodged below will hear tapping sounds at midnight hours and therefore may never sleep easily. Warner further added that Smith likes to test the weight of his bats with closed eyes.

David Warner & Dani Wills gives insights into Steve Smith mannerisms. Recently in an intriguing Instagram post, Steve Smith’s wife Dani Wills shared a photo of Smith in her Instagram handle with the comments :

” Flashback to Steve doing Steve things. I think he was trying to work out which bat had the better pick up?!”.

David Warner & Dani Wills gives insights into Steve Smith mannerisms
Image credits Instagram, feature image credits indiatoday


From the above, it is clear that Smith is very particular about the weight of his bat. Which he preferably checks with his eyes closed or tied up.

Cricketers particularly batters can expected to have some mannerisms. But Steve Smith seem to take it to a new and interesting levels which can leave his fans and critics awestruck.

No wonder he is one of the most-watched cricketers on the planet today.

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