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Cricketers ditched by girlfriends

Cricket is a popular sport in countries like India, Australia, England etc. Famous cricketers are widely followed by the fans and it does become very difficult for the cricketers themselves to keep their private lives away from the focus at times.

There have been many instances of cricketers having a rift with their first girlfriends but few instances of girlfriends having ditched cricketers.

We look back at a few instances of girlfriends dumping cricketers.

Yuvraj Singh – Deepika Padukone

This was the most celebrated breakup in India . After her Bollywood debut Deepika Padukone and Yuvraj Singh. Who was on the verge of making his mark in test cricket after his ODI exploits, got linked to each other. When Yuvraj was on the Australian tour of 2007-08, Deepika visited him and attended the test matches. They were also spotted coming back to the hotel in the late hours of the night once by a Kolkata based journalist. Who went to cover the Australia series.

However, the relationship did not go on and it is rumoured that Yuvi was too possessive of Deepika. Which caused the rift.

Rohit Sharma – Sofia Hayat

This was another alleged breakup. The relationship did not take good effect due to Rohit’s busy international schedule and Sofia ditched her though she denies any relationship with Rohit.

Virat Kohli – Izabelle Leite.

Virat Kohli’s past relationships did not exactly set the media on fire as they got diffused before Virat actually started to take world cricket by storm.

He was rumoured to have a relationship with Tamanna Bhatia though the latter denied the same. In the meantime a Brazilian model Izabelle Leite, once disclosed about her relationship with Virat. Saying they were very close and were dating but both mutually did not disclose their relationship and finally it diffused with Izabelle moving away.

Cricketers ditched by girlfriends
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Shane Warne – Elizabeth Hurley

Now coming to the overseas players, The Shane Warne- Liz Hurley breakup was the most famous in cricketing circles. With both being huge stars in their respective fields. It was a turbulent relationship with Warne marrying Hurley after his retirement. Hurley even visited India during IPL when Warne was playing for Rajasthan Royals. However, with the relationship at its peak, Hurley ditched Warne. Reasons cant be known but possibly Warne’s alleged off-field activities with other women including pornstars. May have taken its toll on this fledging relationship.

Michael Clarke – Lara Bingle

Michael Clarke before his marriage had a strong relationship with swimsuit model Lara Bingle. However, their relationship turned ugly after a couple of years and Lara ditched him. It did affect Clarke’s public life as the Aussie media was after him. However, later Clarke settled down with another model Kyly

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