The International Cricket Council decides to set back the Contentious ‘umpire’s call’ rule

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Contentious umpire’s call rule

The ICC Committee headed by former Indian captain Anil Kumble along with a set of former international captains like Pollock, Jayawardene, Strauss and Dravid along with referee Mudugalle and umpire Illingworth is of the opinion that the concept of Umpire’s call rule in the Decision Review System (DRS) should stay. They stated that ball-tracking technology was not going to be 100% correct.

In the coming week, a virtual meeting is scheduled wherein the recommendation will be tabled at the governing body’s chief executive committee meeting. The committee took suggestions from other match officials, broadcasters and Hawk-eye and the ball-tracking technology supplier.

Post the discussion and debate, it was concluded that the ‘Umpire’s call’ rule should not be called off due to the reasons stated above. Ever since the beginning, ‘Umpire’s call’ has been a huge debating point since the onset of DRS and many former had urged the ICC to do away with this. On the contrary, we saw how umpire Nitin Menon brought to light the importance of this, earlier this month. 

Contentious 'umpire’s call’ rule

“See, first of all, Umpire’s Call is regarding decisions which are very close, the decisions which are 50-50, which can go either way, goes with the call of the on-field umpire. It is not a completely perfect decision that has been overturned, so it is a 50-50 decision which can go either way, to the batting side or the fielding side. When we know that technology is not itself 100 per cent correct, so that is when you need the Umpire’s Call,” Menon had told the reporters.

“When we know technology is not 100 per cent correct, so whatever the on-field decision is given since it is a very marginal call, so we will stick with the decision the on-field umpire has given. This concept needs to be understood by the general public because they are not aware of why Umpire’s Call concept is there in DRS. It is basically because it was a marginal call and 100 per cent technology cannot say whether it was hitting the stumps or not,” he had added.

India skipper Virat Kohli recently said that the Umpire’s Call is creating a lot of confusion at the moment and the lawmakers need to look at it so that it does not leave a grey area when a big tournament is being played.

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