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Rohit Sharma has managed to revive his subdued  Test career and has taken it to a new level from the time he has started to open for India. He has scored truckloads of runs as an opener in Indian conditions.  However, somehow the big scores eluded him when he kept getting out after many great starts in overseas tests in Australia and England. Due to injury, he could not play in the 2 test series in New Zealand in early 2020, a series in which India was humiliated. 

In the 2020-21 Test series in Australia, Rohit played in the last two tests after completing his quarantine due to his late arrival in Australia. He looked a million dollars each time he batted but found ways of getting out after looking well set. Similarly in the WTC final, he looked completely at ease against the New Zealand pace quartlet but got out in the 30s. Again in the first 2 tests of the current England series, he was batting well and looked all set to get a 100 at Lords but fell short by 17 runs after getting an unplayable incutter from Anderson. In the 2nd innings, an ill-timed hook shot caused his demise after another great start. 

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Rohit can get his first overseas test hundred in this series with 3 more tests to go?

Rohit currently is batting with a lot of skills, playing the waiting game, keeping his bat close to the body and playing with soft hands. He is playing the line of the ball and hence not edging the outswingers. These small adjustments to his technique has served him very well in English conditions. 

Probably all he needs is to shelve the pull/ hook shot early in his innings as that shot has got him out on a couple of occasions when he looked in total control to get a big score . 

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Michael Vaughan has already said that Rohit should accomplish the milestone in this series from the way he is batting.
Same view is shared by Sunil Gavaskar, who is highly impressed with Rohit’s batting in England.

“In a five-day Test match, no one has an idea as to how the pitch will behave on the first day – things like whether there is life on this pitch, will the ball bounce more? For that, you need some time and the adjustment Rohit Sharma showed in the first innings, how to do it. He did it brilliantly – what shots to play and what not. Just see how many balls he left, some of them close to the off stump. This adjustment is mental and that is what Rohit accomplished,” Gavaskar said 

The wait for the Indian fans continues for Rohit’s first overseas test 100. Hopefully, the wait will be over by September 14.

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