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Ravi Ashwin can relax and watch this one.

Ashwin’s ” mankading ” of Jos Buttler caused a huge uproar in IPL a couple of years ago. However, the fans could never have envisaged that they will see or hear  4 “mankads” in one innings . 4 batters were runout in trying to back up a bit too far.

That exactly happened in a women’s  World cup T20I qualifier match between Cameroon and Uganda at Gaborone.
In that match, Cameroon’s 16-year-old seamer Maeve Douma caused a huge sensation on social media by effecting 4 ” mankads” in a single innings.  It was an amazing match in which the video showed one by one 4 Ugandan batsmen getting out to ” mankading” at the non-striker’s end by backing up too far trying to steal singles and each time the umpire raised his finger.

all images credits yahoo australia

Absolute crazy stuff and the video obviously got viral on social media.

Whether Aahin has seen this video or not , no idea but when he sees it ,he too will be amused at the fate of those 4 Ugandan batters.

However those 4 runouts had no effect on Uganda as they scored 190/6 & in reply blew away Cameroon for just 35 runs in 14.3 overs to win y 155 runs.!!

Watch the video below

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