“Buck up and do the best,” says Dinesh Karthik to Kuldeep Yadav after 2nd ODI

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India’s 2nd ODI against England did not turn out to be as great as the team might have thought it to be but it was particularly rough on bowlers. All the four bowlers except Prasidh Krishna crashed at the pitch and gave away over six runs an over. Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes took complete advantage of this inefficiency in Indian bowlers while the bowlers offered a poor reading of the pitch as well as the batsman.

Krunal Pandya gave 72 runs in just six overs while Shardul Thakur and Kuldeep Yadav together cost 138 runs to the team off 17.3 overs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar who has been a dependable player in the last matches lost his charm and gave away 63 runs in 10 overs while he managed to take only one wicket.

The bowler who bore the maximum damage
Kuldeep Yadav is one bowler who suffered the most during the second ODI as he turned out to be the most expensive bowler who got to bowl their full quota of overs. He bowled for 10 overs and went wicketless while he cost India 84 runs. And this is not the first time that Kuldeep Yadav has proved to be this expensive a bowler. He took no wickets in the first ODI too and cost 68 runs. He had eight sixes hit off while he was bowling. Ben Stokes gave the bowler a tough time, smoking him for three maximums in an over.

Kuldeep certainly is waiting for the match that could turn around these figures for him. Indian wicket-keeper Dinesh Karthik thinks that Yadav should not let his guard down, especially when important tournaments lie ahead of him.

Kuldeep needs to buck up
During an interview, Karthik said that Kuldeep has had a tough time as he has been sitting out for a long time. Since he has come in the team, he has played a couple of games but those games did not turn out to be good for him. But according to Karthik, this is not something that the bowler needs to worry about. This happens to International cricketers. All that Yadav needs to do, as per Dinesh Karthik, is to keep his “chin up, get stronger”. Karthik said that the bowler has a few important months lying ahead of him with ODIs and then IPL approaching. So, Yadav needs to “Buck up and do the best in the next couple of months”.

Source: sports.ndtv.com

When Stokes got going
Karthik also feels that a fast bowler should have faced Stokes in the 2nd ODI and not a spinner. But he did not deny the fact that Stokes was in such a great form that there was a huge possibility that nothing would have worked against him. But Virat Kohli could try sending a fast bowler when Stokes appeared on the field at No. 3, according to Karthik.

Karthik said that Shardul Thakur could have been brought on the field for one over because “he has the ability to pick up wickets” but Kohli went for Krunal Pandya which did not turn out to be a great choice. But again the fact is that Stokes would have taken any bowler down. It was not the best day for Kuldeep Yadav for sure but that does not mean that the player does not have the ability to turn that around. Fans and experts are sure that Yadav will soon bounce back and there will be no looking back for the bowler then.

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