Brett Lee super impressed with Rishabh Pant

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picture credits@hindustantimes

One of the most fastest bowlers in the history of the game , Brett Lee has been highly impressed with what Rishabh Pant brings to the table .

Lee feels that Rishabh will become one of the best future generation India cricketers and his aggressive attitude as the new captain can help Delhi Capitals to win their first IPL trophy in conjunction with Ricky Ponting’s coaching and focus on winning .

Lee further conceded that had Pant played those audacious reverse sweeps against his bowling , he would have ” blown up “

“Imagine if I was bowling and that had happened. I would have been blowing up. But that’s great. You want the guys to take it to next level, you want guys to be cheeky. It’s about fun, fast exciting cricket. Guys like Pant bring that to the table,” Lee said.

“He is such a great find for India, a great find for Delhi. I believe also that the combination between Rishabh Pant and coach Ricky Ponting, that will be a great little combination there. Two wonderful powerhouses coming together. Ponting’s leadership qualities will rub off right on him.” Lee further added .

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