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Best luxurious cars of Indian cricket stars

Cricket is the sport in India that sufficiently compensates an individual for his hard work and achievements. Now with more money coming in with IPL, even a well capable first-class cricketer can enjoy the luxuries of life since they get more than sufficient financial income and security.

Many top cricketers in India, past or present, have been passionate about cars and many of them own some of the most awesome cars on the planet with breathtaking technological excellence.

Luxurious cars of Indian cricket stars Few excerpts below-

Hardik Pandya :

The Pandya brothers are fashion freaks and Hardik comes across as one of the most stylish cricketers in India owning some of the most expensive luxurious items. Talking about cars, Hardik owns a Land Rover worth around 4 crores with great features and famous for its smooth ride.

Kapil Dev

The former Indian legend and the world cup winning captain of 1983, is passionate about cars. The best one he owns is the Porsche Panamera with a fuel capacity of 80 litres which can touch 100 kmph in a staggering 5.6 seconds. Equipped with 12 speakers, the car has an awesome music system. The price tag is around 2 crores.

Best luxurious cars of Indian cricket stars
Image credits India TV., Featured image sportalink

Virat Kohli

The Indian captain is one of the richest sportsmen in the world in terms of his endorsement incomes. As a millionaire, he is expected to have a fleet of cars and the best of them is the Audi R8 V10 Plus which can touch 100 kph in a mere 3.2 seconds. It touches a speed of around 330 kph. Being a brand ambassador for Audi, Kohli has more variants of this car giant. The price tag is around Rs 3.18 crores

Virender Sehwag

The butcher of fast and spin bowling at his prime and one of the greatest opening batsman that India produced, Sehwag is an owner of multiple cars as expected and the best of the lot is the Continental Flying Spur which takes merely 5.2 seconds to touch the 100 kmph mark and reaching speeds of 183 kmph. The price tag is around 3.9 crores.

Yuvraj Singh

One of India’s best all-rounders in white-ball cricket and the man of the tournament in World Cup 2011, Yuvraj Singh is well known for his flamboyant lifestyle. Along with the many cars he owns, the Lamborghini Murcielago is the best. It needs 3.2 seconds to cross the 100 kmph mark and has 6.12 litres petrol engine. It touches maximum speeds of 312 kmph. The price tag is Rs 3.6 crores

Best luxurious cars of Indian cricket stars
Image credits auto India


Sachin Tendulkar

Discussions on cars cant be complete without Sachin Tendulkar.

The God of cricket’s passion for cars is legendary and he has some of the best collection of cars ever, ranging from the humble Maruti 800 to some of the most technically best in the world. One of Sachin’s favourite car is The BMW i8 coupe which is customised to Sachin’s interest by DC Design. The i8 Coupe can accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds and can touch speeds up to 250 kph. The Price tag is 3 crores plus.

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