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Best 10 cricket batting gloves

There are plenty of gears that a sport demands and if you are focus on playing cricket. Then you need to be aware that along with the bat and ball. This sport requires other equipment like a cricket helmet, knee pads, and most importantly cricket batting gloves to prevent any kind of injury that is possible. So make sure to buy the right gloves for your next match after reading this article because in this post we will be talking about the Best 10 cricket batting gloves available in the market.
Here we go:

1. Kookaburra Kahuna Players Batting Gloves

The Kookaburra is a renowned brand when it comes to creating quality protective gear for sports. They have been in the market for years, which proves that they have what it takes to satisfy clients. This pair of gloves is our pick for tighter and better grip.

The brand itself is widely popular for making the most incredible, lightweight, and long-lasting cricket equipment in the market. They designed their products for exclusively dynamic players. And their gloves are of the finest quality in the market.

Best 10 cricket batting gloves


  • Airflow mesh makes it incredibly lightweight.
  • It is highly durable and fiber-reinforced.
  • Multiflex, calf leather provides the best and easy gripping.

2. NEW BALANCE DC 880 Batting Gloves

New balance DC always provides the best quality cricketing products in the market with various designing options. It is design for superior grip, safety, comfort of play and comes in two different sizes Men’s and XL size where XL is an option for players with a slightly bigger hand.

New Balance DC 800 Cricket Batting Gloves are manufacture with the best materials available, for the usage. The design has been strategically develop by players to ensure breath-ability and grip. All our products are tested and approve by players of repute.


  • The gloves are designed with extremely high-quality leather.
  • The split-finger design ensures flexibility and comfort while you play your best shots.
  • Foam padding gives lightweight protection.

3. MRF Grand Batting Gloves

MRF is the one of the most popular cricket brand available in the market. The MRF Gloves are unique as they are design with special raw materials that make them flexible. These cricket gloves are highly use by professional cricketers as they can play their game for long with comfortable MRF gloves.

This brand is the most trusted and is the preference of almost all the all-around batsmen of our cricket team. And none other than everyone’s favorite Virat Kohli himself favors this brand for all his cricket gears and especially the gloves. Below are the reasons why people consider buying the MRF gloves.

Best 10 cricket batting gloves


  • The MRF gloves are made from the best quality calfskin leather palm.
  • The High-density plastazote foam makes it strong and long-lasting.
  • The molded fiber shells in all fingers provide all the comfort that you need.

4. SG Hilite Batting Gloves

SG Hilite have continued to improve their products even further by introducing a new small men’s size option in their ranges. These batting gloves have always been designed to be a comfortable fit by contouring to the shape of the hand and this new additional size makes sure they have catered to all possible sizes offering comfort, flexibility, and quality protection.

They are famous for designing the best quality gloves for every sport from cricket to boxing and wrestling. Their cricket gloves are widely appreciate because of the following reasons:


  • Additional Leather Patch on Hard-wearing Area, Imported Pu Finger Rolls, and HD Foam Finger Rolls detail it with the lightweight touch that every glove requires.
  • Split Thumb and Three Piece Side Bar Protection in Bottom Hand, Thermoplastic Polyurethane Shell in the First Four Finger of the Bottom hand for extreme protection.
  • Sponge-padded Spacer Mesh Back for extra convenience.

5. Thrax Reserve Edition Batting Gloves

There is no doubt that THRAX Limited Edition Cricket Batting Gloves is made of premium quality material which provides you great fitting and durable performance. This cricket gloves come with superb design which gives you better flexibility and solid protection level. Multi-layered individual overlaps to first two fingers of the bottom hand with chevron molded foam inserts giving maximum protection in exposed areas Chevron split overlaps giving greater flexibility and maneuverability Breathable fingers giving added comfort Foam underlay to the back of the hand for added all day comfort.

Best 10 cricket batting gloves

Three piece side bar protection to bottom hand giving complete protection. This cricket gloves is suitable for professional level players. If your choice is the lightweight extra padded batting gloves then this brand satisfies all your wishes.


  • It is designed with high-density lightweight foam cushioning.
  • Ultralight PU and Improved PU Fingers for easy fit and comfort.
  • Cushioning Leather palm with reinforcing wear Panel that ensures your extra protection.

6. SS Gladiator Batting Gloves 

SS Gladiator makes sure that you get the best quality gloves that provide you ease while training in extreme conditions. They are highly in demand because of the following reasons.

SS Gladiator Cricket Batting Gloves designed to provide maximum protection while giving good ventilation, Designed for a Flexible Grip especially pliable on fingers, Cotton toweling wrist band with Velcro fastening, Two piece thumb for increased grip and flexibility. These batting gloves come with light weight and thumb design with mesh overlay for flexibility and comfort.


  • They are design with a super soft leather palm for the best fit and comfort.
  • The Korean PU covered with pre-shaped pastorate fingers makes it extremely lightweight.
  • The fiber insert on top of every finger is for extra protection.
  • The Mesh gusset is for proper air ventilation.

7. SF Triumph Batting Gloves

SF Triumph Batting Gloves is made from premium quality material which is provides you durable performance. This cricket batting gloves has PU leather material which is offer you amazing comfort and maximum flexibility. It has four section multiplex finger and thumb for easy grip. This batting glove has fiber sheet inserts for absolute protection side padding for extra protection. SF batting gloves come with new ventilation system in fingers and four section multiflex fingers which gives you excellent comfort. It is suitable for intermediate and advance level players.

These gloves are made with premium quality material for long-lasting performance. It is suitable for both intermediate and advanced level players. The following features justify the above statements.


  • They are the modified gloves with the new ventilation system in the fingers.
  • The fiber sheet inserts are for extra protection.
  • High-density foam padding for absolute fit and comfort.


8. SM Limited Edition

This brand is widely popular for making multi-layered craftsmanship and ergonomic exquisite design. They bring high-profile gloves for megastar performance. Customized white leather palm giving superb feel, grip and durability Customized Leather possesses the unique characteristic of water repellency, perspiration resistance and breath ability as well as increasing the abrasion resistance by 25-30 percent without any loss of grip, comfort or feel. Further features of the gloves are mention below.

Best 10 cricket batting gloves


  • The gloves are design with extremely unique finger protection with
  • High-density plastazote foam cushioning fully equipped with fiber
  • shields for unrivaled protection.
  • The superbly crafted PU fingers are for top-notch feel, flexibility, and
  • moisture-wicking toweling inside.
  • The double-layered thumb is for extra protection.


9. BDM Titanium Batting Gloves

BDM Titanium Batting Gloves that is designed in adherence with the latest trends and manufacture with specially select finest grades of ship skin and are provided with flexible flaps for added protection with comfort. These have a traditional split finger style and fiber stick insert to the first two fingers at the bottom of the hand with two piece thumb for unmatched comfort as well as flexibility. These can be availe at reasonable prices.

They are the top-quality double toweling gloves available. The finger design is quirky with extreme protection.


  • The gloves are created with super leather for long-lasting use and extreme protection.
  • The special flexible flaps make it highly comfortable to wear.
  • The finger design with multi-sectional foam layer protection for extra comfort and flexibility.


10. Adidas Pellara 2.0 Batting gloves

Adidas is the most popular brand for manufacturing premium quality sportswear in the world. So there is no doubt that they will be presenting the perfect batting gloves that ensures your best performance. Below are the attributes of Adidas batting gloves.

Best ADIDAS Cricket Batting Gloves 2.0 design allows maximum movement in the hand. We get the impression that these gloves won’t take much wearing in. The thumb is a thick two piece. The gloves provide protection all around the hand. TPU inserts on every finger ensure the ends of the fingers are shielded. Each glove is very light, weighing around the 170-172 gram mark.

This glove is the top batting glove in the Adidas 2020 range and there are plenty of reasons why we think you should take a closer look. The combination of solar red and black looks fantastic. If you happen to own a bat from the Incurza range, these gloves will be the perfect addition to your bag.


  • The High-density foam with a single section break in the index and middle finger offers a great combination of protection and flexibility.
  • Premium sheep leather palm for smooth feel and comfort.
  • Lightweight premium PU fingers and Mesh gusset is for air ventilation.
  • Fiber inserts on the top two fingers are for extra protection.
  • Soft comfort foam underlay back for flexibility and comfort.


After reading the above article you might have got an idea why all the above batting gloves are always in demand in the market. They are designed with foam padding and lightweight material for your comfort and proper ventilation. The leather cover makes them available for long-lasting use and fiber insert ensures your extra protection

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