Bangladesh coach Domingo livid with target fiasco in 2nd Bangladesh vs New Zealand T20I

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Bangladesh vs New Zealand T20I

The 2nd match between Bangladesh vs New Zealand T20I became a major talking point with wrong DLS target being communicated to the tourists at the start of their chase and subsequently revised .

The match was interrupted by rain when New Zealand were 173/5 batting first and did not complete 20 overs yet.

When Bangladesh went out to bat , the target score shown initially was 148 in 16 overs but after 1.5 overs of play , the umpires halted the match as their was a confusion in the target being convened to the tourists.

As it turned out after several minutes of stoppage , the revised target given was 170 in 16 overs !!

Understandably the Bangladesh coach, Russell Domingo was livid and frustrated at the whole episode.

” I don’t think I have been involved in a game before where batters go out and don’t know what the target is,” Domingo said. “Nobody had any idea of how many we needed after five or six overs.

“I don’t think the game should have started until it was finalised, before there was a clear indication of what is required, and what we needed at certain stages. I don’t quite think the conduct was good enough this evening.

“(When we met the match referee) they were still waiting for calculations. If you are waiting, the game can’t start. What was explained was they normally get it one or two balls in… No excuses, but this is just very frustrating.”

A spokesperson for the ICC said an operational issue at the ground meant the DLS sheets, which contain the target scores at different points of the innings, could not be provided to the teams.

“The target score was verbally communicated to the umpires at the start of the innings,” the spokesperson told ESPNCricinfo. “However, play had to be halted after 1.3 overs as the teams requested for the DLS sheet.

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