Great to hear Ben Stokes talk about women’s IPL : Heather Knight

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England women captain Heather Knight praised her countryman Ben Stokes for speaking in glowing terms about enhancing women’s cricket through IPL .

Kinght said that it was great on Stokes’part to highlight womens cricket as the more allies women cricket gets will be better for its advancement . Already Big bash in Australia and the 100 in England is supporting women’s cricket and a full fledged IPL will only further enhance it.

Stokes had earlier mentioned that there should be a full fledged IPL for womens cricket where every franchisee can have its women’s team . He further added that there is no better place to do it than in India .

As of now , BCCI runs a truncated version of IPL for women with 3 teams having competed in last two editions 2019 & 2020 . The calls for a full fledged womens IPL is getting stronger by the day .

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