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Amazing T10 league game in Prague

With the advent of T20 cricket and subsequently the T10 cricket. Cricket is getting more globalized and the game has started to spread in many nations which never knew the game.

There has been an ongoing T10 event known as the ECS T10 league going on in Prague. One such game between two teams PCR and UCC became viral in the social media due to a great last ball drama. PCR has scored an impressive 91/5 batting first in their 10 overs. However, UCC put up a great fight and took the game in the last over and finally to the golden ball where 2 runs were required to win of 1 ball after the scores were tied in regulation 10 overs .

Amazing T10 league game in Prague
All image credits twitter

On the golden ball, the striker cut the ball to point. The ball went straight to the fielder and by the time the throw came. The non striker has reached the strikers’ end but waited for the keeper to take off the bails. The keeper did so and the PCR players were celebrating. It was at this time that the batter now on strikers end took the 2nd run and before the PCR team could realize what had happened the UCC batters had completed the two runs required for a win. Amazing T10 league game in Prague.

The whole golden ball episode can be enjoyed in the Twitter video below.

Twitter video credits criccrazyNiks
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