Ahmedabad 3rd test pitch: What experts said?

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Ahmedabad 3rd test pitch

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The pitch for the 3rd test at Ahmedabad which ended within 5 sessions has been the major talking point with various experts weighing in with diverse views.  The views about this pitch, whether it’s good or not for the game have had divided opinions.

Ahmedabad 3rd test pitch

Let’s go through some of the major quotes :

It was not a pitch where the ball was misbehaving constantly. Nothing was kicking up alarmingly. Neither was there any great invariable bounce that the ball would shoot? Here, the bounce was actually true, almost. Yes, there was spin but Test match batsmen should be able to handle the turn or the straighter ones,” 
—— Sunil Gavaskar.

England looked like startled rabbits in that second innings. I don’t think it was an 81 all out pitch but this was a much tougher pitch than Chennai.” 
—– Nasser Hussain

This was an extremely challenging surface and at the extreme end of where you would want that balance between bat and ball to be, but I do not think it was impossible. England captain Joe Root says his side missed the chance to seize the initiative in the third Test against India, which they went on to lose inside two days.  I do not think it was 112 all out on the first day, it was not dangerous and not unsuitable, in my opinion. I am not saying you would want these conditions every time you play but it is in India and the ball will spin. Find a way of dealing with it, do not complain.
—— Mike Atherton

People seem to forget where they are playing, that if you’re going to India, you should expect that. You are going to spin land. You should basically prepare yourself to know what you’re going to encounter.”I just believe all the moaning and groaning has got to stop and just not see the classical side of things in terms of the Indian armoury. And from where I’m sitting, it’s good to see,
—- Viv Richards 

“We play on seaming wickets around the world and get bowled out for 47, 60. Nobody ever says a thing,  but as soon as it starts spinning, everyone in the world seems to start crying about it. I don’t get it. I’m all for it, it was entertaining.”I was up all night watching it. It was absolutely brilliant. I’m thinking about bringing that curator out to the SCG,” 
—— Nathan Lyon 

“There’s no doubt that it was a substandard wicket. These kinds of wickets are bad advertisement for Test match cricket. People pay and come to watch good quality cricket. “Both teams had excellent players to watch. When you watch great batsmen like Joe Root become great bowlers , there is something seriously wrong in the wicket.”
—— Dilip Vengsarkar

It is not an ideal pitch. India would also have been in trouble if England had scored 200 in their first innings. But it (the pitch) is the same for both sides,”
—– Harbhajan Singh 

2 days for a test match to finish. Not the kind of pitch that cricket lovers would want but team India still dominated the the pitch and Englishmen better ! 
——- Irfan Pathan 

They spend $110m on a magnificent new stadium and about 50 cents on pitch preparation. This surface is crap (for both sides.) batting is a total lottery 
—- Simon Hughes

Entertaining .. YES .. but this is a awful pitch for Test cricket .. !!!! Complete lottery on day 2 !!   
—— Michael Vaughan 

Scores would have been even lower in the last 2 tests if Jadeja had been playing. You know when Joe Root gets 5/8 the pitch is very questionable.
—– Mark Waugh 

Ek match ke liye aesa wicket theek hai jaha ballebaaz ki skill aur takaneek ka test hota hai . LEKIN main iss tara ka wicket aur nahi dekhna chahta aur mujhe lagta hai ki saare khiladi bhi nahi chahte . Bohut ache , india    ( For 1 match these type of pitch us ok which tests the technique of batters but these type of pitches should not be prepared regularly , Well done India !! ) 
—— Kevin Petersen 

I’m really not bothered who wins when it’s a lottery like this. It’s just not a contest.“Yes, techniques have been poor but if this pitch is acceptable to the ICC and there’s more of this there will be huge ramifications for world Test cricket,”
—– David Lloyd

There is nothing in the rules that says what type of pitch should be prepared. We had first choice of the surface and they were better than us. Simple, 

—— Geoff Boycott

This pitch was very poor for test cricket . The low scores by both teams and the success of a par time bowler like Joe Root proves the nature of the pitch .  ICC needs to have a look in.
——– Inzamam Ul Haq

India won series against Australia in Australia, so they dont need to prepare these kind of pitches . While you should take home advantage but preparing pitches like this is not good for test cricket .
——- Shoaib Akhtar 

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