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The Taliban rule in Afghanistan has totally changed the sporting horizon of the country. As of now only, men are allowed to indulge in sporting activities and women are totally deprived of it. Already we have heard of the Afghan women cricket team being stopped from playing cricket. Now there is an incident of a young teenage Afghan woman boxer, who craves for an Olympic medal, been issued death threats after the Taliban came to know that she is practising with her male coach. 

Seema Rezai, the woman boxer immediately after receiving death threats decided to leave Afghanistan and is now in Qatar and trying to procure an American Visa so that she is able to pursue her Olympic medal dreams by competing in the Olympics on behalf of USA.

image credts new indian express, featured image credits new eastern chronile

The lives of women in Afghanistan has gone back to orthodox Islamic ways. Women are allowed only to attend schools or offices only if they are willing to follow the Shaariya rules  strictly with faces covered as per orthodox Islamic principles.  However, women are totally barred from sporting activities which also recently resulted in cricket Australia calling off the Afghanistan men cricket team’s tour of their country in November in protest of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan not allowing any sporting activity for women. 

The Australian test captain Tim Paine has urged the ICC to ban Afghanistan from world cricket due to the treatment of women in their country by the Taliban Government.

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