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5 memorable trolling moments of Indian players on Pak cricketers

The next India v Pakistan clash on the field is going to take place during the T20I World cup in October 2021 which has already created a lot of excitement. We already have many instances in the past of Indian cricketers trolling their Pakistan counterparts and vice versa and the forthcoming clash will provide with more such opportunities. For the moment let us revive some of the famous 5 memorable trolling moments of Indian players on Pak cricketers counterparts.

Shahid Afridi – Gautam Gambhir

Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir are both fiery characters and they had an on-field clash or two during their playing days. The excitement was reflected in their off-field clashes as well.

It started off with Afridi mentioning Gambhir in his autobiography that read,
“Gautam Gambhir and his attitude problem. He has no personality. Who is barely a character in the great scheme of cricket. He, who has no great records, just a lot of attitude. He, who behaves like he is a cross between Don Bradman and James Bond.” 

Gautam Gambhir was quick to respond on his Twitter feed. He mentioned about Afridi on Twitter: “Someone who doesn’t remember his age how will he remember my records!OK, @SAfridiOfficial let me remind u one: 2007 T20 WC final, Ind Vs Pak Gambhir 75 off 54 balls Vs Afridi 0 off 1 ball. Most imp: We won the Cup. And yes, I’ve attitude towards liars, traitors & opportunists.” 

Strongly worded message indeed which led to huge responses and reactions giving this tweeter massage a legendary status.

Virender Sehwag – Saqlain Mushtaq

Virender Sehwag during his playing days had tormented Pakistan more than any other Indian batting legend. He has got one triple hundred and two double hundreds against Pakistan in tests and won a few ODIs against them with his batting. Even after he has retired, he does not lose any chance of trolling the Pakistan cricketers who were his contemporaries.

On Saqlain Mushaq’s birthday in December 2016, Sehwag tweeted him wishing on his birthday but did not forget to attach a video of him hitting a six off Saqlain’s bowling to become the first Indian batsman to complete a triple hundred in tests. The hilarious tweet of Sehwag is as under :

video credits Sehwag

Ravi Ashwin – Pakistan reporter

Ravi Ashwin is a frequent user of his tweeter account and he never misses to answer appropriately if there is any tweet criticising Indian sportsmen. A Pakistani journalist mocked India’s Paralympics performances of winning just four medals tweeting that “1.2 billion population and just 4 medals. LOL”.

Ashwin did not waste any time and appropriately remarked “(R)ranked as high as no 6 in the population chart, I wish you to go for the second medal. All the best brothers and sisters.” 

5 memorable trolling moments of Indian players on Pak cricketers
Image credits parhlo feature image credits crickettracker

Virender Sehwag – Shoaib Akhtar

Virender Sehwag and Shoaib Akhtar had some fierce duels on the cricket field and are never short of any good-natured banter off it.

During 2016 Shoaib posted a group photo of the strong Pakistan team of the late 1990s and mentioned, “Dream team .. Full of talent and characters ..1 of the best Pak team I ever played with” 

Sehwag lost no time in replying, “Very good team Shoaib Bhai, many legends. But still couldn’t beat India in any World Cup. Still searching for Mauka”.

Obviously, Sehwag was referring to Pakistan’s inability to beat India in any world cup match.

This tweet of Sehwag was lapped up by the Indian fans and the tweeter went berserk.


Virender Sehwag – Pakistan U19 team

In 2019 under 19 world cup, the Pakistan team again lost to India in the semi-final . Unable to conceal his excitement of India beating Pakistan. Sehwag tweeted “Ab toh Aadat si hai” (We have the habit of doing this now).  Sehwag obviously referred to Pakistan’s lack of success against India in world cups for all age groups.

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