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5 foreign players that India loves

Indian Premier League has always been popular, right from the time of its conception and first season. IPL made the cricket fans experience an altogether different game and exposed them to foreign cricketers much more closely. These foreign cricketers were not the opponents anymore but parts of our favorite teams. These foreign players won many hearts and became one of the favorites for the Indian cricket audience. Here we are listing down 5 foreign players that India loves that won over the Indian audience with their game and charm.


AB de Villiers is one of the most dangerous players to play against. When he is in the mood to destroy his opponents, the opponents should be worried. The moment he became one of the Royal Challengers, the audience started to roar ABD and the entire Chinnaswamy Stadium echoed with that love. It is not only the RCB fans who cheer for ABD but all the cricket lovers do not want to miss the game played by this splendid batsman. He has earned some brilliant nicknames for his excellent ability to hit the ball out of the park and also for his superhuman capacity in the fielding area. Fans like to call him Mr.360 and ‘Superman’ which is quite apt for ‘The AB di Villiers’.


Lasith Malinga is listed amongst those players who have become synonymous with certain franchises. When you think of Royal Challengers Bangalore, you cannot help but think of Virat Kohli. Similarly, Chennai Super Kings seems incomplete without MS Dhoni. Malinga and Mumbai Indians also go hand in hand. He has been with the franchise since 2009 and never has he ever let the franchise down. He has played 122 matches till now in IPL and has collected 17o wickets which says it all for the magnificent bowler.

You cannot question his popularity if you have ever watched him bowl at the Wankhede Stadium. When Malinga bowls, the chant of his name doesn’t stop. It’s a treat for the eyes as well as ears to watch 30,000 fans chant MA-LIN-GA in unison.


Chris Gayle is a storm. When he plays, the crowd plays, and fielders watch. You are a fan of the franchise or not but if you love cricket, you can’t help but fall in love with the cricketer that Chris Gayle is. He is the crowd puller and makes IPL what it is today. 

With his flawless batting and awesome shots, he can make the best of the bowlers look like clowns on the pitch. And his celebratory dance moves on the field make every cricket fan’s day. Not only Gayle’s game but he is a treat to watch. His fans call him ‘Universal Boss’ and we do not mind because that’s what he is. He still holds the record of highest score by an individual in IPL. He created a smashing 175 for only 66 balls. Now that’s called a record!



5 foreign players that India loves

If you are a cricket enthusiast you must be familiar with the talent that Dwayne Bravo is. The cricketer can sing, dance, and act and this doesn’t take away from the fact that he is exceptional on the field. His ‘Champion Song’ became an overnight, worldwide sensation. He also recorded some video songs in Chennai. Bravo is connected to his Caribbean roots and that is visible in all his games. He likes to finish games in his style. He has played 134 matches till now and has scored a whopping 1483 runs with 147 wickets in his kitty.


Andre Russell is one more West Indian player who brings life to the field. This player is irreplaceable and plays such a game that the crowd goes crazy. He is one of the most valuable players that Kolkata Knight Riders owns. Russell might fail on the pitch a few times but he always makes an interesting and impactful comeback. You might not notice him each time but he does play to his potential, it’s impossible to ignore him. Russell is an explosive batsman and a lethal bowler and we wish him all the luck for his next innings.  

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