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5 Best cricket balls in india 2021

When we talk about cricket, there are two things without which you can’t even imagine this sport. And that is a bat and a cricket ball. Well, we have already talked about best cricket bats in our previous articles. This time we will give our whole attention to cricket balls.

In this article, we will be talking about the 5 Best cricket balls in India 2021.

Let us get started:

1. Cosco Light Cricket Tennis Ball (Pack of 6)

The product comes in pack of 6 balls with cardboard packaging. Balls are of superior quality, and are ideal for Beginners and practice matches. These cricket tennis balls from Cosco are lightweight, which means there are very less chances of injury in case of hit. Owning to its superior quality from Cosco this product remains very durable on all kinds of pitches.

  • Lightweight:

The Cosco ball is extremely lightweight and each ball weighs only 75 grams. The ball is very bouncy and helps you to be the best at your game.

5 Best cricket balls in India 2021
  • Strong and durable:
  • The box contains 6 balls, each ball is made with rubber covered with felt and is very strong and will be there with you in a long run.
  • Fine and superior quality.
  • Being lightweight, this cosco cricket ball is easy and comfortable to hold in your hands while playing.
  • Designed in a bright fluorescent yellow color, this cricket ball can be easily identified and spotted on any surface.

2. Ans Winpro Cricket Wind Ball Pack of 3 Balls

  • High-quality ball:

The package comes with the 3 best quality waterproof Wind balls. They are made of Synthetic Material and are perfect for beginners who want to learn Swing and Spin Perfect for coaching. Recommended by Coaches All purpose Cricket training Ball Suitable for cricket training as well as generic use.

5 Best cricket balls in India 2021
  • Best for training purposes:
  • The ball is ideal for transitioning from tennis ball to hardball. It is highly recommended for training purposes and is suitable for general use also.
  • Ideal for transitioning from tennis cricket ball to hard ball.
  • Made of synthetic material perfect for beginners who want to learn swing and spin perfect for coaching.
  • In-box contents: 3 pcs wind ball , color depends upon availability.

GSS SPORTING Cricket Tennis Ball

  • Best ball for both cricket and tennis:

The great bounce and the best quality rubber make it a perfect ball for both cricket and tennis. It is a pack of 4 and the color green is the best choice when you plan to play on the green field.

light in weight (in comparison to actual cricket balls), so for cricket, a strong and heavy ball should be chosen to have a great game. Accurate air pressure is a very important factor in balls. This determines the amount of height the ball will bounce to. Better the balance of gases, the better the bounces.

TASK 1456845 EVA Cricket Ball

5 Best cricket balls in India 2021
  • A pack of 6 best cricket balls:

It is a strong cricket ball made with hard synthetic material that makes it highly durable. The pack comes with 6 shiny red cricket balls that will increase your excitement towards the sport.

SG iball with Cord, Adult

  • A perfect ball for practice:

It is a PVC ball with a cord and helps the batsman in practicing and mastering hand-eye coordination. So if you are looking for a training ball, this must be your choice.

  • Highly superior material:

The ball is made with water-resistant and highly superior synthetic material making it strong and durable.

In conclusion:

The best attribute of a cricket ball is that it needs to be bouncy. And all the above cricket balls are bouncy and made with the finest material that makes them strong and highly durable. Staying in a pack is always a better choice. And similar is the situation here. So you must buy these packs that contain more than one cricket ball.

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