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10 cricketers under Dhoni whom Kohli did not prefer

Historically captains of national sides have their preferences for backing players. We have seen many players under Ganguly, Dravid era who lost out during Dhoni’s captaincy. Similarly, after Virat Kohli took over, many players who thrived under Dhoni, tapered off in the Kohli era. We may have a look at some such 10 cricketers under Dhoni whom Kohli did not prefer- 

Gautam Gambhir: Gambhir had his best days under Dhoni’s captaincy and was the ICC cricketer of the year in 2009. He scored many important knocks in big games. However, his form dipped in the mid-2010s. His change stance did provide him with some IPL runs but he lasted only 3 tests in 2016 in the Kohli era after which he was not backed and never played thereafter, retiring in 2018.

Shikhar Dhawan
:  Dhawan had a great start to his Test career and has been doing well in all the formats under Dhoni. He continued his success under Kohli also but the lack of big scores in the 2018 test series in England. Saw him not being backed anymore in test cricket by Kohli though in general, all Indian openers fared poorly in overseas tests. Dhawan however is still a big part of white-ball formats. 

Suresh Raina : Raina enjoyed great successes for India under Dhoni, especially in white-ball format. Though his form started to drop a little during the Kohli era, he was still a force to reckon with. However, he fell out of favour during the Kohli era 

Yuvraj Singh: Yuvi has been one of the all-time greats in the white-ball format for India and was a big success under Dhoni’s captaincy. However, his consistency started dropping in the mid-2010s though he was still a matchwinner on his day.  Surprisingly Kohli did not back Yuvraj as much as was required. Yuvi left cricket in 2019. 

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Bhuvneshwar Kumar: Bhuvi is still the best swing bowler in India and enjoyed big success under Dhoni. However, Virat Kohli handled him very poorly in South Africa in 2018 series  dropping him for one of the tests only to see Bhuvi coming back in the next test and getting the man of the match award. Bhuvi continues to be an asset in white-ball format but his share of injuries has hampered his appearances.  Currently, he is fit but again not consider for the Test series in England. Where his bowling skills would have been a handful. Strangely Bhuvi is no longer a  automatic selection for tests in the current era.

Praveen Kumar : Parveen Kumar was a genuine swing bowler who troubled many international batsmen during his start-stop career.  He got a fair degree of success under Dhoni and was a big success in the 2011 England series. However inconsistent form and off-field troubles hampered his career. He was not consider during the Kohli era with a plethora of fast bowlers arriving in the scene.

Pankaj Singh:  Another short term success for India. However a disappointing debut series for the seamer in England in 2014. Where he was expected to be a success, pretty much seal his career and he was not in the vicinity during the Kohli era with many younger fast bowlers arriving in the international scene. 

Abhimanyu Mithun: The fast bowler from Karnataka showed promise on the tour of Sri Lanka in 2010  when he was young.  It was expected that he will get another chance to revive his career. As he was performing well in domestic cricket. He was also playing for RCB under Kohli for a few seasons but Kohli did not back him for Indian selection.

Pragyan Ojha :
During the Dhoni era Ojha was one of the Premier left-arm spinners and got 100 test wickets at a good strike rate. However, his chances faded with the growing importance of Ashwin and Jadeja and he did not have any look in during the Kohli era 

Varun Aaron: Aaron has the honour of bowling the fastest ever delivery by an Indian at 150 plus kph. In spite of his inconsistency , he was kept in the mix during the Dhoni era but was nowhere in sight during the Kohli era probably due to the arrival of good fast bowlers in Indian cricket.


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