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10 Best selling cricket bats under 5000

Cricket becomes 4 times more interesting with the set of proper gear. You can have the best time training when you realize that your bat has the perfect balance and pickup. There are plenty of incredible cricket bats available in the market. But the one that is superior and will last long is quite laborious to predict.

So here we will try our level best to provide all the information about the 10 Best selling cricket bats under 5000.

Here we get started:

1. WOLFER Vaulter Grade 4A English Willow Cricket Bat

  • Carefully crafted handle and grip:

The handle & grip of this English willow cricket bat is designed with a Round, Premium Singapore Cane for shock absorption on impact with the ball. The grip is crafted with proper technique and is soft, extra thick, ergonomically shaped, and vibration dampening.

10 Best selling cricket bats under 5000
  • Suitable for all levels:

The bat is a perfect fit at all levels from Beginner to Professional. You can comfortably use it day and night for your practice matches too.

2. DSC Condor Scud Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

  • Designed with added protection:

It is high-quality Kashmir willow manufactured cross wave tape on edges and massive edges and exquisite balance for added protection.

  • Moisture protection technique:

The toe guard at the base is designed specifically for moisture protection and the extended power zone is for the monstrous hitting area.

3. SS Premium English Willow Cricket Bat

  • Technically correct handle:

The willow bat is a combination of a Sarawak cane handle and is designed in a round shape after careful measurement and observation.

10 Best selling cricket bats under 5000
  • Shaped specifically for the best shot:

The aqua grip of the bat is specially designed with Embossed sun ridges and a concave edge for the highest shot.

4. S.A.G. Sports Kashmir Willow Katana Silver Leather Ball Bat

  • A well-balanced bat:

It is a well-balanced Singapore cane handle bat that is designed specially keeping in mind the tough practice hours. It is made with premium quality and will be there for you in all your difficult and glorious times.

5. GM Kaha Maxi English Willow Cricket Bat Size 6 (1601112)

  • Design for extra strength:

It is an English willow with a partially concaved back profile to give added strength. The measurement is kept in a way that is suitable for the age group.

  • Provides proper grip:

The accentuated spine profile in the drive zone and a round handle are made for the perfect grip.

6. BRIOVY Kashmir Willow Wood Cricket Bat with Ball

  • Virat Kohli Kashmir willow cricket bat:

This bat is the preference of none other than Virat Kohli and can be played with both heavy tennis and leather ball.

10 Best selling cricket bats under 5000
  • A perfect design for shock absorption:

The Kashmir willow bat with treble Spring Singapore Cane Handle for shock absorption on impact with the ball. It is an ideal bat for everyone from beginner to amateur players.

7. DSC IBIS 50 English Willow Cricket Bat

  • A perfect fit:

The pronounced bow and massive edges are designed for powerful and dominating strokes. It is an ideal fit for a leather cricket ball.

  • Singapore cane handle:

The treble spring Singapore cane handle is for shock absorption on impact with the ball. It is an ideal fit for the beginner as well as a professional.

8. Kookaburra Adult Cricket Bat KB Blaze 700 No.6

  • English willow embracing 360-degree run-scoring:

The blaze of the bad was made with club-quality unbleached English willow that aims to push the boundaries of modern-day batting. A full profile for the player that embraces 360 degrees run scoring.

10 Best selling cricket bats under 5000
  • Well, balanced design:

The massive ‘big edge’ profile increases from the shoulders and maximizes at the sweet spot, generating supreme balance with an extended sweet spot that covers the entire width of the blade.

9. DSC Condor Scud Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

  • Top-quality material for added protection:

The Kashmir Willow is designed with Cross wave tape on the edges for added protection. Massive edges and exquisite balance are for your best shot.

  • Moisture protection base:

The Extended Power Zone for the monstrous hitting area and the Toe guard is for moisture protection at the base.

10. SG Scorer Classic Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

  • All-Round bat:

It is an All-Round Kashmir willow cricket bat suitable for all kinds of a leather balls.

  • Carefully designed handle:

The Singapore cane handle with special 3-way insertion of rubber in between splits for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption.


All the above Kashmir willows are designed with a careful mechanism. These bats are suitable for every age group and a perfect fit for all the leather balls. The handles are designed for enhanced flexibility and moisture protection. They are made with premium quality wood for better practice as well as the tournament.

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